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Gilbey’s 1857 ‘Adventurous Spirit’ is an alcohol brand established in London. Gilbey’s wanted to spread awareness about their new line of product, BIG BANG series, the 1st glowing drink in Indonesia. Their advertising kit involves the making of print Ads, a bumper for visual purposes and several after-event videos.


We also constructed a video bumper for their videos. This bumper was an initiative from us, in which the clients used as intro and bridge ptarts in all their videos.


In order to launch their new line, Gilbey’s held a few events in clubs around Indonesia. We documented the launching party at Castello Club, Surabaya and were in charge of the editing process.



Year 2014

Director Dimas Angkling

Producer Aulia Husni

Graphic Designer Iqbal Nugroho

Editor Muhammad Ridho

© semangart 2015

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