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Nusantarace was a racing event around Jakarta that integrates the element of sport, culture, sharing and environment. Nusantarace was organized by PT. Aglet Ascarya, as an innovation in the business industry, at the same time accommodating the community’s need for exercise and executing the government’s policy about preserving the local wisdom in Indonesia. To publicize this event, the company needed a series of advertising tools such as logo & implementation, a teaser video, an after-event video and social media management.


The tagline for this project was “Jiwa, Raga, Raya” or “Soul, Body and Glory” which represents the spirit of the company. The logo was made accordingly to this tagline, without forgetting the ‘youth’ element in the overall design. The implementation includes print media (stickers, posters, backdrops & banners) also other properties such as trophies, t-shirts and merchandise.


Other implementation also includes visual materials for social media, such as instagram, twitter and facebook. We’re also responsible for the overall social media management; posting materials daily and assembling the texts. Custom-designed e-invitations were also handed out with our design and template.



Year 2014

Creative Director Dimas Angkling

Graphic Designer Dimas Angkling

DOP Rama Florenza

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